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Steve Merksamer, Former Chief of Staff to Governor Deukmejian and Senior Partner, Nielsen, Merksamer, et al.:
"I've worked with Mike Genest many times and have always found him to be knowledgeable, insightful and a straight shooter. I think the addition of Brad Williams positions Capitol Matrix Consulting as a full service, very competitive analytical firm. I very much look forward to working with Capitol Matrix Consulting in the future."

Bill Lockyer, California State Treasurer:
"I couldn't have asked for a better ally in the foxhole with me than Genest when he was Director of Finance. With his knowledge and analytical skills, and the addition of two more stars to his team, he's positioned Capitol Matrix Consulting as a top-flight analytical group capable of providing great advice on virtually any issue involving state and local government."

Jim Brulte, Former Senate Republican Leader:
"I've always thought Mike Genest was strong on fiscal and policy analysis and able to translate and explain even very esoteric stuff. With these two additions, this may well be one of the strongest analytical groups in California. With Pete Schaafsma they'll have local issues covered by a guy who's been involved in decisions involving local government finance for decades. With Brad Williams they'll have the economics side of the equation covered. Both Pete and Brad know tax policy. These guys know the budget better than anyone. Capitol Matrix Consulting can cover the waterfront."

Senator Robert Herzberg:
"These guys have been there, done that. They know how it works from the inside out. Plus, they're as smart and respected as any analytical team out there. Great team."

Alison Harvey, Former Executive Director of the California Tribal Business Alliance:
"CalTBA hired Genest to analyze pending legislation. The analysis was timely, accurate, thorough and very helpful to us in the legislative process. We would highly recommend Genest for any project that requires fiscal, economic and policy analysis, especially when reliability and credibility are of the utmost importance."

Alan Zaremberg, California Chamber of Commerce CEO:
"Genest and Williams? That's a great analytical team. A real powerhouse."

S. Kent Stoddard, Vice-President, Waste Management, Inc.:
"We found Genest to be highly professional. Early in our project, he realized that he had already done all he could for us and suggested that he discontinue work so as to avoid charging us for work we did not need. We were very impressed with this level of integrity. We would highly recommend Genest for any project that requires analysis of fiscal, economic, or policy issues involving any aspect of state or local government."

Dr. Edward Leamer, Director of UCLA Anderson Forecast, Professor and Chauncey J. Medberry Chair in Management:
"Brad Williams will bring to the operation a wealth of expertise on California's economy and state budget issues."

Tom Dunphy, California Public Works Board Financial Adviser:
"Capitol Matrix Consulting has become a premier fiscal, policy and economic analysis team. They bring great intelligence, background and integrity along with a truly vast span of programmatic knowledge on just about any state or local government issue."

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Paul Rosenstiel, De LaRosa & Company, former Deputy State Treasurer:
"Mike and Brad all left a big imprint on the State and were at the center of key fiscal debates and developments over many years. Together their knowledge and experience make them quality analysts with great insight into the Sacramento playing field."

"A top-flight analytical group capable of providing great advice on virtually any issue involving state and local government."

Bill Lockyer
California State Treasurer